Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Countersteering explained

 So the thing is that when over a particular speed (around 15-20 kmph and beyond till whatever speed possible for a two wheeler) to go in one direction, you have to turn the handle bar towards the opposite side. Yes you have to, it might seem wierd but yes it is just that way but its the same with any twowheeler, be it a bicycle or a superbike. If you don't beleive, next time you are riding anything, conciously observe what your hands are doing.

It is just that way, the laws of physics (which im not explaining because it isn't needed) work that way. And the main aim of this post is to tell those who say its a myth that it isn't and also its not a "technique"of riding used by motoGP riders and pro riders and all (lol) . A bike has one handle bar and it turns only two ways, left and right. So if you have already seen the videos on youtube, or done it yourself on a bike or if you ever havent, just try it and see it. So if a person turns the handle to left and the bike moves to the right side (which is what happens) its just the only possibility right ? So how can it be a myth?! It is just that way! Its always like that.